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Anaheim Dedicates Time Capsule

October 9, 2007

On Friday, October 5, 2007, Anaheim dedicated another Time Capsule that will sit in the Earth until 2057. 

Stuff that will go in the Time Capsule. 

Included in the capsule:

• Anaheim history books
• Video IPOD that includes messages from Mayor, Council, City Manager, & City videos
• $200 in various monetary denominations
• Disneyland Resort’s “Year of A Million Dreams” memorabilia
• Stanley Cup Champion Anaheim Ducks jersey & Media Guide
• Angels Baseball jersey & Media Guide
• USA Volleyball jersey signed by team
• Anaheim Arsenal jersey
• Anaheim 150 commemorative items
• 2007 Annual Report
• 2007 issues of Anaheim Magazine
• City Department Head messages to 2057 counterparts
• Cell phone
• Etc.

This was a very fun event to go to! We kept the kids out of school and I stayed home from work. I wanted Trenton to go to this event so that he could go to the unearthing in 2057 and be able to see this through to the end. I hope I’ll still be here to see it too! Check out all my pictures of this event.

For the full story of Anaheim’s time capsule and Anaheim’s history, check it out here at or here at

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