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Trenton’s First Soccer Game

October 12, 2007

Trenton’s first game was so much fun! He had a blast! The league that he is is very very non-competative. They don’t even keep score.

Trenton got the ball!The team got off to a slow start, mostly because this was the first soccer game many of the players have ever been in, including Trenton. Since this is the first game for many of our players then I was considering this game another practice. The other team had a couple of really good players so it gave our team a lot of good game practice. They’re all still learning the rules and sequence of events in the game. Also, the coaches were switching player’s possitions around a lot to see where everyone is the strongest.

All in all a very exciting game. I hope this weekend’s game is just as exciting, and maybe we can get a couple of goals this game, too! Check out the photos from the game here: Photo Gallery :: Trenton’s Soccer


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