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Trenton’s Soccer Game

October 27, 2007

Everybody runs for the ballWell, I’m a little late posting about Trenton’s game last week, but better late than never.  The game time was different this week than last week and some of the players didn’t show up. I guess they didn’t look at their schedules.

Luckily, a player’s older brother was willing to play for us and we borrowed a player from the other team so our numbers matched. Unfortunately, the player we borrowed was still wearing the opposing teams’ shirt color so it was a little confusing to tell who was on our side. Not only that, they switched who was on our side at every break so it was hard to remember which ‘yellow shirt’ was on our team.

Get the ball!Anyways… the game. Given the difficulty in acquiring enough players, the Jaguars didn’t do too well. Since two players didn’t have their hearts invested in winning for our team we were at a disadvantage. Our goalie was one of those other players and he didn’t quite realize that he could pick up the ball instead of kick it.

Even though we didn’t score as many goals as our opponents, we still had fun. Trenton did a lot of running and was quite tired at the end of it all. We all had a great time.


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