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Pictures of my trip to Austin!

November 12, 2007

Well, I finally went through all the hundreds of pictures of my Austin trip and I uploaded only the very best. Feel free to browse and make comments throughout the albums. Follow this link to check them all out!

I'm back with my twin!Saturday, November 3: I was up at 5 am for my early flight. It was really hard to leave Jason for a few days but I really wanted to see my sister.
The flight wasn’t too bad. The stewardess was very nice. I was surprised to get food on the plane. I was able to get breakfast.
Once Tiffany found me at the airport, we went to a local restaurant and watched the UT game. It looked like all hope was lost at the beginning of the game but they came back and won in the second half.
That evening we went to Wurstfest, a German Oktoberfest. There was lots of cool German music, beer, and funny hats. I didn’t drink so I amused myself by taking pictures of funny hats.

One of our many hikesSunday, November 4:  Tiffany and Jake had a big day planned for me. We started off with two small hikes. One to see the 360 bridge and the other to Mount Bonnell. Both had very nice views.
Next stop was to Amy’s Ice Cream. Very tasty Aloha Ice (pineapple sherbert). We ate the ice cream on some bull statues and had a nice break in the day.
After that we went back to the neighborhood and looked at all the model homes. We saw some deer on the way.
For dinner we went to the Salt Lick. This was a great BBQ that is BYOB. We brought a cooler with us with beer for Jake and Rum and Pineapple juice for Tiffany and me. It was great!

Having lunch at the OasisMonday, November 5:  This was a very full day. We started off with a few miles of hiking near Barton Creek. We saw Twin Falls (although there was only enough water for one falls). We went further to Sculptured Falls. This place was very beautiful and serene. I dangled my feet in the water a little bit and then we hiked all the way back.
Next place we hit was Mozart’s Coffee for some caffeine and nourishment. We needed it for the next hike at Barton Springs and Town Lake. We fed many hungry geese, swan, ducks, and squirrels.
For lunch we headed over to the Oasis. This restaurant had an amazing view of the lake. Huge gaudy mansions were all around and I decided that I want one :-).
That evening we toured the Capital Building. We didn’t go on a tour, we just kinda roamed around. We made it into the House of Representatives room and even got our picture taken in the big chairs at the front of the room.
Later in the evening, we went to the Alamo Draft House to see a movie. This theater is so cool! You can order dinner, beer, desert, etc. Tiffany and I snuck in water bottles with rum and pineapple juice. 🙂 

Out and aboutTuesday, November 6:  We didn’t have anything planned for today except stuff in the evening. We did a little hanging out, playing with the kitties, some shopping, then some sight seeing. We were curious about a historical building we saw the day before so we stopped by for a look. It was an American Legion building.
At 5 o’clock, we picked up Jake from work then headed downtown to see the largest urban bat colony. I got some really nice pictures of them when they were flying out. After the bats we went to dinner to Carmelo’s. This restaurant was so nice! Everything tasted so good! For desert, we had bananas foster and chocolate cake. 

Austin from aboveWednesday, November 7:  Well, the trip is finally over. I didn’t want it to end but I really missed my husband. I had a great visit with my twin but it was time to go home.

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