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Pictures from Snow Day

November 27, 2007

Trenton and Hannah wait for the green light!Last Saturday, our church hosted Snow Day! Every year, Granada Heights Friends Church puts on this very fun event where anyone can play in the snow in 70* weather. They truck in 20 tons of snow and set up 2 sled runs and 2 snowball fight areas. They also have a jumper, an obstacle course, and many other games and prizes.

We started off by arriving early, 10 minutes before they opened to scope the place out. Trenton, Hannah and Michael had their eyes set on the obstacle course to start. The ride was open and the kids all ran through. Hannah was very fast and no one could beat her!

Speed is my middle name.Next, we rode the sleds. The blue sled was very fast and exciting! Michael spun around as he was sliding down the hill! Since we enjoyed that snow so much, we all trekked over to the snowball fight area. I think that since Michael was bigger than everyone else, all the younger kids decided to gang up on him. They all pelted him with snowballs left and right.

Got Snow?After that we played some games, won some prizes, and ate some chili. Yummy! We couldn’t stay the whole time because Trenton had his last soccer game. We all reluctantly rushed away from the church to go to the game.

All in all, Snow Day was very fun. We are all looking forward to going again next year.

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