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Pictures from Trenton’s Field Trip

December 7, 2007

Class PhotoLast week, Trenton’s class went on a field trip to Oak Canyon Nature Center. It was a lot of fun!

We started off in the ampitheatre learning about the park from Ranger Bill. All the students showed off their knowledge about animals and nature. Ranger Bill had to be impressed that they all knew the answers to his questions. We continued to learn about animals in the nature center which was filled with live and “sleeping” animals. There were frogs, tarantulas, snakes, scorpians, etc.

The nature center was very educational.After we were finished exploring the nature center, we left for the hike. We hiked quite a ways down the trail then stopped for a bit in the middle of a bunch of oak trees. Everyone filled out a paper explaining what they had seen so far.  Ranger Bill taught the students how to use a compass and how to track animals with scat and tracks. What’s scat? It’s something the animals leave behind that isn’t their footprints.

We hiked along and saw a lot of scat, a few footprints, and a lot of prickly pear. It was very windy so there weren’t many animals out. We saw a couple of birds but I’m sure they weren’t happy to be flying in all the wind.

Trenton, Ranger Bill, and the snakeWe all hiked back to the nature center where Ranger Bill had one more suprise for us. He brought out a live snake for us all to pet. The scales were very smooth.

Snake scales are the same material as our fingernails.

I know everyone had a very fun day! It was a great day of learning, hiking, and playing!

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