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Recent Happenings

February 19, 2008

Hello Everyone! Due to recent events, I feel that I haven’t dedicated myself enough to this blog. I must admit that I’ve taken a bit of a break to deal with everything that has been going on but now I’m back!

Waiting for presents.The latest celebration was Elizabeth’s 4th birthday! She is such an adorable little princess. Here are pictures of her party. We got her a little “Enchanted” makeup set and money for a Wii. I have to mention that it was also Lucas’ birthday party, although he actually turned 1 in December, but Elizabeth stole the show. Even the bounce house was a giant Princess Castle.

Tiffany and Jake.Another cool heppening was that Tiffany visited for over a week! I wouldv’e rather it been on more cheery circumstances but I really enjoyed having her here. Thank you, Ina, for getting her and Jake cheap tickets.

It was nice to go to Cabazon and do some outlet shopping, even though it was a short adventure, and go out for sushi. The next time she comes out, we have to go out to shoot pool, The Pancake House, Market City, etc.

Last weekend, we had another visit from Tie Dye! It was a long 3-day weekend for us so we were able to keep Tie Dye for longer than usual. We’ll have to see if he wants to visit us again or if he wants to spend time with the other kids in his class.

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