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The Glory of Easter Review

March 14, 2008

Wow! This was a great performance! Big thanks to Trenton’s teacher for giving us tickets. I’ve uploaded pictures of out adventure here.Me and Trenton waiting in line.

Trenton’s teacher played a customer in the marketplace. She didn’t have any dialogue but her facial expressions were enough. She was so expressive.

The actor who played Jesus was very good! He was so moving.

My favorite actor was the guy who played Herod. He spoke the most realistically; like he wasn’t even on stage.

It was very impressive that there were so many people performing and when there were scene changes everything was changed over so quickly! There was a lot of scenery, especially in the market scene, and when that scene ended everything was whicked away off stage to quickly!

Animal, animal...After the play, we were able to see and pet the many animals that were in the performance. Jordan, Trenton’s teacher’s daughter, was taking care of many of the animals. Maybe she’ll be a teacher when she gets older; the animals aren’t much different than 10 year olds, except that you can’t tie them up. Anyways, the animals were very cool and very smelly.

All in all, this was a great performance of the Passion. If you have never seen this play, I highly recommend it.

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