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Pictures from Dad’s Star Trek Birthday

March 3, 2009

Yep, he's 60!What a great party! Dad turned 60 so my mom threw him a great Star Trek birthday. Check out all the pictures in the Gallery.

Best of all, Tiffany came out to visit! It was a total surprise to Mom & Dad. Tiffany fibbed and told Mom that she and Jake couldn’t come out to visit.  Mom was flabbergasted!!

Our famblimThe party was a lot of fun. It was a very full household! Everyone wore colored shirts according to Starfleet regulations; red for command and engineering, yellow for security, and blue for science and medical. The menu was all picked out by Dad; chicken & ribs a la Bobby, stuffed mushrooms a la Olive Garden, fried zucchini a la Claim Jumper, etc. To keep with the Star Trek theme, Mom made Romulan Ale! It was Blue Kool-Aid for the kids with Vodka and Blue Curacoa added for the adults.

Jason, Trenton, and I drove the Mercury. It’s from the era of the original airing of Star Trek and it’s as big as the Enterprise! It’s a ’65 Mercury Park Lane Convertible. 

Great party, Mom!

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