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Second Ultrasound Pictures

December 27, 2009
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On Monday, December 21st, we had our second ultrasound. This one looks a lot more like a baby than the little bean pictures from the first ultrasound.

Ultrasound 1 - 12-21-09 - Sucking Thumb
Sucking his thumb.

Ultrasound 2 - 12-21-09 - Looking at you
He’s looking at you.

And the shot that proves it’s a boy!
***Warning: Graphic content to follow, shield the eyes of any little one in the room.***
Ultrasound 2 - 12-21-09 - The shot heard 'round the uterus
This is the shot that proves Jason only makes boys.

He is growing right on schedule. Everything is where it is supposed to be. He was so rambunctious for the ultrasound and really made the nurse work for all the shots she needed to get pictures of.

It was great to see the baby again. I want an ultrasound every week! We are so excited to be adding a little BOY to our family.

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