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Week 24 – Corn

February 5, 2010

Baby’s now the size of an ear of corn!
Baby’s skin is becoming more opaque as the fat starts to pack on. And, thanks to the formation of small capillaries, her newly thick skin is taking on a fresh pink glow.

How far along: 24 Weeks
Maternity clothes: Yep! Sometimes I get dressed and realize, “This doesn’t fit”, and have to change again.
Total weight gain: 16 lbs
Sleep: I’m trying to get in as much sleep as I can while I don’t have a little one to care for.
Best moment this week: Going to the “Have a Healthy Pregnancy” class and seeing other girls who are bigger than me.
Movement: Every few hours, usually while I’m eating.
Food cravings: Milk. milk. and more milk.
Food aversions: Nothing.
Gender: A precious, bouncing baby boy.
What I miss: Carrying as many bags of groceries as I want without worrying about overexerting myself.
What I am looking forward to: Getting to the 6th month.
Milestones: Little One’s ears are fully functional and he can hear things outside the womb!

Nothing major to report this week. We’ve been very busy searching for a house and no time for anything else.

If you want to find out more about what’s happening with the baby this week, read up the info at and 3D Pregnancy.

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