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Week 32 – Jicama

April 2, 2010

Baby’s now the size of a jicama!
Ready or not, baby’s getting ready to emerge. She’s probably in the head-down position by now, with her bottom facing up. This is the comfiest way for her body to fit in your increasingly cramped womb and will make her eventual exit (only a few months away now!) much easier. (If she’s still head-up, don’t panic — there’s still time for a flip before birth.)

How far along:   32 Weeks
Maternity clothes:   Yes, just the shirts. I’m still in my regular jeans.
Total weight gain:   24 lbs
Belly Button in or out:   It’s very flat like it’s ready to go from concave to convex.
Stretch Marks:   None.
Sleep:   I wish I could get more.
Best moment this week:   The school Principal at the PTA meeting didn’t know we were expecting so it was nice to be congratulated again.
Food cravings:   Nothing out of the ordinary but a little less on the milk.
Food aversions:   Nothing.
Gender:   A future Kung Fu fighter (Boy).
What I miss:   I’ve never been much of a drinker, but I miss drinking.
What I am looking forward to:   The weekend to sleep.
Milestones:   Oh my gosh, head down? I’m not even close to thinking about pushing this little guy out yet.

I’ve definitely been feeling stronger kicks and jabs recently. Sometimes he’s just turning over or moving one way or another and sometimes he’s stretching and pushing on both sides of my belly. It’s very comforting to feel him move around so much and know he’s so healthy. I’m keeping up with eating a variety of foods so he has a little taste for everything when he grows up. For some strange reason, I think if I eat strawberries and peanuts now then he won’t be allergic to them later. I know it’s silly but I’ll blame it on the “Baby Brain”.

If you want to find out more about what’s happening with the baby this week, read up the info at and 3D Pregnancy.

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